You take the red pill – you stay in wonderland

Posted by Ian Douglas on Nov 19, 2010 in About Me, Forward To Marketing |

I am sitting here confused and bewildered with my head spinning as I realise the world I once believed in is just an illusion.

Just a short time ago I was living in innocence.  Every day my inbox was bombarded with over 100 emails telling me the way to become a millionaire was simply to buy a $7 eBook and just relax and breathe in and out each night as my PayPal account filled effortlessly with an avalanche of cash.  They assured me I didn’t even need to get out of my pyjamas each day; just sit back and relax and the unstoppable flood of money would magically appear in my account.  All I needed to do was buy their eBook to be rich forever with absolutely no effort required from me.

Then a short time ago I received a rather disturbing email from Alex “Morpheus” Jeffreys who suggested that he would show me the path to financial freedom but that it may not be as effortless as I thought.  He held out his Sales Page hand containing two pills and uttered those immortal words: “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.  You take the red pill – you stay in wonderland…”

I nervously put out my trembling hand and hesitantly took the red pill and signed up for his “Forward To Marketing” coaching course.

At first everything looked normal.  We were given our “hands-on training” website which I installed onto my newly purchased domain “Simple” I thought “now I can just sit back and relax and let the money roll in”… it was several days before the next lesson was to be released so I thought I would take a look around the Student Forum.  But, as I sat in the chair dreaming of how I would spend all the money which would come flooding into my account that evening, I looked at the mirror beside me.  It felt like I was Neo as it slowly started to dawn on me that perhaps things were not quite right.  Someone had set up an “Accountability” section in the Student Forum and the things I was reading there were starting to generate ripples of doubt about my perception of reality.  Several of the students posting in this section of the Forum were experienced Internet Marketers and what I was reading started to send ripples of doubt through my spine.  They were laying out their Master Plans; I was quite impressed reading how some were expecting to earn $5,000 in just over a month, some were aiming for $50,000 in their first year.  It convinced me that I had made the right choice in signing up… but there were disturbing ripples starting to form in my perceptions of reality.  As I looked at their Master Plans in more detail I began to realise they contained many tasks; that their roads to financial freedom was packed with jobs to do, tasks to carry out, articles to write, link building to accomplish, social bookmarking to complete, numerous blogs to create.  Their lists of tasks seemed enormous and these experienced marketers were casually talking about carrying out more tasks in a month than I could achieve in a year!  OMG!  Like Neo I looked at my arm as I reached out to touch the mirror of my current reality.  My perceptions of the amount of work required to become financially free were being destroyed, my vision of reality was becoming blurred, my mind became confused and my heart started to panic…

I awoke early the following morning after a disturbed night of sleep.  My mind had been racing during the night but now a calmness had descended and I sat on my bed contemplating my future.  Life had been so simple; a few days ago all I needed to do was buy $7 ebooks and I would instantly become rich.  But now I had realised the horrible truth; that the path to freedom requires work and effort.  As I sat wondering what I had let myself in for I questioned aloud “Can I ever go back?” to which the voice in my head replied “No. But knowing what you do now would you really want to?”.

So here I am.  My innocence has been shattered and destroyed.  The serious work of rebuilding my mindset must now begin.  I must be willing to learn.  To be patient enough to take things one step at a time in the order in which they are presented in the lessons.

I feel I have taken the first step on a life changing journey.  Will I crash and burn; cursing the day I signed up to FTM?  Or will it help me discover the skills I have deep within my soul and transform me into a successful Internet Marketer?

Keep tuned into my Blog to find out!


Sally Neill
Nov 19, 2010 at 3:42 pm

Hey Ian,

I can honestly say I LOVED reading your blog post.

That’s one of my favourite films and I completely understand how your innocence was shattered, that happened to me too, and you never quite look at online marketing in the same way again.

But it’s absolutely BRILLIANT that your blinkers are off now.

You can stop worrying about those silly get rich quick schemes and start building towards a very profitable future.

I am willing to bet you don’t regret joining FTM, and I think you just had one of the life changing days that Alex has given me so many of.

Just keep blogging about your journey, I love your writing style and look forward to more of your blog posts and watching your progress.

Speak soon, Sally 🙂
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Ian Reply:

Hi Sally,

Really glad you liked my little post. I am looking forward to studying the FTM lesson about Blogs as I am eager to learn what is the best configuration for permalinks and discover a list of recommended plugins as I have set this blog up using guesswork.

Yes, Alex is a really inspirational teacher. We have a lot to learn from him!

Wishing you continued success,


Robert Petrie
Nov 19, 2010 at 5:56 pm

Hi Ian,


That is one hell of a blog post, you certainly know how to tell a great story, a born natural writer. You pretty much explained how I think a lot of us who have joined FTM feel or me at least anyway, so you are not alone on that score.

You are also not alone on the journey ahead, one thing I am pretty sure about is that you will transform into that very successful marketer, go fo it.


Robert Petrie recently posted..Down To Business


Ian Reply:

Hi Rob,

Thank you for the encouraging words. Yes, you are right; we are not alone. We have a really inspirational teacher and some encouraging and helpful classmates. Tie these in with first class coaching material and we should all be able to achieve our dreams!

Thanks for visiting my little Blog.

Wishing you success,


Nov 19, 2010 at 11:35 pm

A very creative way of presenting the ideas of “false promises” we often get. It looks like one of your strengths is in your writing. Through this course I have learned to foucs on my strengths, which is writing for me as well, and don’t try to do it all – that is the toughest thing for me (I am pretty sure I have control issues) is to try and do it all instead of looking to experts for support. I am slowly learning that to make a business successful, you need a team, each with their own skills. I have learned, through trial and error, that web design is NOT my strength! LOL So, yes hard work and a lot of patience and dedication is what can make you money – not anything with the words “quick” or “scheme” in it. Keep on pushin’!!


Ian Reply:

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your encouragement. Yes; I still have a lot to learn about becoming successful online. Up until now I have tried to do everything myself but perhaps, like yourself, I need to learn to let go and to start building a team around me: To concentrate on my strengths, to focus on building my business, and employ others with different areas of expertise to carry out the tasks I find difficult.

I have a lot to learn!



Adrienne Smith
Dec 6, 2010 at 9:29 pm

Ditto on all of the above Ian. Excellent post my friend and I KNOW I can relate to what you shared.

If only overnight success were a true reality. But I believe we are all on the right path now. Joining Alex’s course has been the best decision I have made to date. Now I have someone sharing with me exactly what I need to do in order to accomplish my goals. Building a successful business is no easy task but one that is now within my reach.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will definitely look forward to following you and watching you grow as well.

Best to you,



Ian Reply:

Hi Adrienne,

Thanks for your wise words. I like the way you used the term “building a successful business”. Yes; I am realizing it really is a building process. Building a successful business step by step following Alex’s blueprint. The great thing is that we are not alone and as fellow students travelling the same pathway it is great to be able to encourage and help each other as together we learn how to develop our businesses and ALL become successful.

Looking forward to encouraging each other along the pathway and wishing you success,



Dec 10, 2010 at 6:07 am

Hi Ian, great post! It’s a rude awakening when you realize that, in order to have a successful online business, you actually have to work at it. It took me years to figure this out. I kept looking for the get rich scheme that took no effort. I’m awake now, thank god! I am sure that we are now in good hands with Alex.
To your success! Sandy


Ian Reply:

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for your encouraging words. Yes; I am slowly realizing the path to success is a long journey requiring a lot of study and hard work. Like yourself I am thankful to have the privilege of being coached by Alex and to have such a great bunch of fellow students to share the journey with.

Wishing you success,


Nigel Yip
Dec 14, 2010 at 2:04 pm

Hey Ian,

WOW!!!!! What a blog post! It was brilliant and captivating, yet so humble and you know what – you are definately one super-story teller and I am sure that you will transform into a very successful marketer. Don’t worry or be overwhelmed by what others are doing too much, or working overtime and burning yourself to catch up with everyone else. Everyone has their own working and learning pace, so pace yourself at a speed that you are comfortable with and make sure you build in time to rest and recharge.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughs and story – keep up the great work and momentum going – Wishing you every success and more!

Keep blogging and continue the story line – it will be a great hit just like Alex’s Guru’s Dream.
Nigel Yip recently posted..Why 2010 won’t be like “2010″


Ian Reply:

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your encouraging words. Now that I realize the dream of overnight riches is just an illusion I must confess that I am starting to face a new problem, one you have hinted at, in that when anyone joins a coaching program there is often a steep learning curve and, inevitably, there are students on the course who have a great deal of experience and appear to drift effortlessly through each lesson. They then seem to have a lot of time of their hands to participate in Forums openly discussing their achievements. There is nothing wrong in that but newbies who are working their way through the lessons at a slower pace can often soon loose their sense of progress as they feel they are getting hopelessly left behind (even although they may in fact be progressing at the pace expected by their coach); this can then be followed by discouragement and a feeling that they are way out of their depth and there is no point continuing.

I think you have made a valuable point about everyone having their own pace. It is good reading the Forum Posts of those who excel as it demonstrates what I may be able to achieve once I, myself, have gained more skill and experience, so in that sense it is encouraging, but perhaps I need to stop comparing my slow progress and pitiful achievements against theirs and instead focus on the coaching material as it is released and making sure I keep focused on keeping up with that.

Yes; my Blog story will continue. At the moment my alter-ego feels empty, his dreams of instant riches have been shattered, but he has seen the light of hope ahead of him. It is time to continue the story. He is empty, and has nothing, but he has found his master and the serious work must now begin studying the “tools of the trade” and learning how to skillfully build his business from the ground up. He must reach the stage where he can stop doubting his ability and look his coach in the eye and believe with his heart that one day he will be as successful as him, and then study with fervor to achieve this dream. To banish self doubt and let the force within him break free. To find the inner strength to crush discouragement and despair and strive on forwards following closely the steps of his master as he slowly regains his self-belief as he progresses steadily along the pathway to success.

Thanks for visiting my blog Nigel.

Wishing you success in your own business,



Dawn Kay
Apr 1, 2011 at 11:44 am

Hi Ian

Everyone can relate to what you’ve just said in your post as I think if we’re honest with ourselves we all didn’t realize just how hard it is to make a successful business online.

It does take a lot of time and perseverance but if you keep on track and do a little bit each day you will soon get to where you want to be.

Good luck with your journey and keep up the captivating posts cause I love them.

Take care

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