Why You Should Never Give Up

Posted by Ian Douglas on Sep 8, 2011 in My Journey |

Yesterday had been an emotional day leaving me tired and drained so I had no problems drifting into a deep sleep last night.  But as I woke this morning I felt tired and depressed.  I could see no point in continuing with my Internet Marketing journey.  I felt I had let everyone down.  There was no way I could ever succeed.  I felt I had fallen down a deep dark hole and did not have the strength to climb out.  I simply couldn’t be bothered to get up.  There was no point.  I was a failure and will never succeed.  I lay in bed and pulled the covers over my head in the hope that my Spirit Guide would not see me when she called round this morning.

It was not long before I sensed her presence in the room.

“Don’t you ever bother to knock?” I said in a miserable voice as she peeled back the cover to see my face.

“Don’t you ever bother to shave?” she replied jokingly.

“I don’t feel like any training today” I said pulling the covers back over my head.

“Why?”  she asked pulling the covers back down again.

“There is no point.  I just haven’t got what it takes.  I fail at everything I do!” I mumbled.

“Go away and find someone else more suited to Internet Marketing” I added.

“I have already found my perfect pupil” she replied.

“Great… now go away and hassle them and leave me in peace to rot away alone in this dark deep hole!” I said pulling the covers back over my head.

There was silence.

I hid under the covers for what seemed like ages then slowly pulled them down to see whether my Spirit Guide had gone.

“Your not still here are you!” I said, starting to get annoyed, as I saw she was still by my bedside watching me.

“Who said success was easy?” she said

“Surely you still don’t believe in those ‘Effortlessly Make Millions While You Sleep’ cons?” she added.

Realizing that she was not going to go away I reluctantly sat up in bed and looked at her straight in the face.

“I know my journey wasn’t going to be easy but I just don’t think I have the right skills to become successful.  I fail at everything I do and don’t see any point in carrying on”  I said starting to feel depressed again.

“I should have listened to Mike.  It seems that it is only people like him who succeed.” I added.

Squeeze Em, Pump Em, Churn Em, Dump Em?” said my Spirit Guide referring to the eternal chant of Mike’s Angels.  “Is that really the path to success you desire?”

“Mike has chosen to give in to his Dark Side.  He squanders all the money he makes on luxurious living completely ignoring the destitute and the distraught whom the Ancient Of Days has placed all around Him. Mike is young and believes he is invincible.  But the Ancient Of Days is never mocked.  This morning he has authorized one of his Avenging Angels to begin the process of modifying his DNA.  In just two short years Mike will begin his descent into insanity and dependence on others to wash and feed him.  Soon Mike will realize that all his amassed material possessions are just worthless dust compared to health and happiness he will loose… but it will be too late.”

“You feel you have let us all down.  Well yes; in a way you have.  But WE still believe in you and your abilities.  So does the Ancient Of Days.  That is why he entrusted you with The Bottle of Tears and assigned your Guardian and myself to be with you.”

“Think of your Guardian Angel.  She is a fearsome and valiant warrior trained in combat.  Underneath her robe she has a sheath strapped to her thigh.  In it is a dagger which she can throw with such accuracy as to hit a target the size of a Demon’s forehead at one hundred metres.  Do you think she was created with this skill?  No; she gained it through practice.  She never gave up.  She would throw it time after time after time every day until her arm ached.  She had focus.  She concentrated on her goal: “The forehead of a Demon at 100 metres”.  Every time she missed she would walk up to the ground, pick up her dagger, then try again and again.  She kept her goal in her mind.  She did not focus on her failures but on her goal… and carried on.”

“If we take our eyes off our future goals and instead look at ourselves then we are doomed to failure.  You must focus on the future.  You must focus on the successful person you are destined to become not the temporary failures you will encounter along the way.  Study diligently all that I teach you.  Keep focused on the successful person you are destined to become and setbacks and problems will fade into insignificance.  When you fall down you must get up, face the challenge in front of you, regain your focus on your future and smash those demons standing in your way.”

Suddenly I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and confidently got out of bed ready to face the day.

“That’s better” said my Spirit Guide.  “Remember we all have faith in you… You just need to have this same faith in yourself.  Never give up.  Focus on your journey and study diligently all that we teach you and you WILL succeed.”

“Now go and have a shave and get rid of that stubble!” she said with a chuckle “as there is another important lesson you need to study today.”

No sooner having said that she vanished.

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Terry Conti
Sep 12, 2011 at 10:38 pm

Hi Ian,

You’re so right, Mikes journey is short lived. It’s only a matter of time till people in the online world will realize what he is.

Follow the path of your spirit guide and you will be able to conquer all things. Always keep your thoughts on the future is a great lesson.

Keep on keeping on,

Terry Conti


Barry Wells
Sep 17, 2011 at 12:22 pm

Hi Ian, I could relate to the story with my early days. I’ve had those moments when i wanted to hide my head beneath the quilt.

You’re so right when you say focus on the goal and not the person inside us. When we keep taking steps to achieve our goals we will get there, with each step we take we are that one step closer to getting there.

Great story Ian, keep them coming mate. The message inside is so very true.





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