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Although waking up depressed and discouraged I was feeling a lot happier after the encouragement of my Spirit Guide earlier this morning.  I went over to the window to have my morning wash but as I approached the window I heard the faint swish of steel against leather as I sensed my Guardian Angel had drawn her sword out of it’s sheath ready for combat.

“That is strange” I thought to myself as I quickly ducked and frantically looked around my room but could see nothing unusual.

I nervously approached the window again and tentively looked out expecting to see Mike and his angels approaching but still could not see nor hear anything unusual.  Then out of the corner of my eye noticed some movement behind the hedge bordering the lane.  Suddenly I heard a scampering noise and before I realized what was happening my window was thrown open and a silver dagger, with a trail of sparkling dust behind it, flew past my right ear out of the window and into the shrubbery.  There was a blood curdling scream and thud them silence.

I stood amazed.  What on earth was going on?

I looked out of the window at the shrubbery where the scream had come from but could see nothing unusual.  But as I watched a pool of bright orange liquid slowly started to appear on the ground.

I felt a presence appear in the room and a familiar voice behind me jokingly remarked “I see you still haven’t had a shave”!

I turned around to see my Spirit Guide.

“What is going on?” I asked.

“It is time for you to learn that we are not alone” she said.

“I know that” I replied, thinking that she was referring to the presence of my Guardian Angel.

She then appeared to have a brief conversation with someone I couldn’t see in a language I didn’t understand.  Then, after a few words, said “Let’s take a walk in the garden”.

“Is it safe to do so?” I asked nervously.

“Yes; I have been assured that there is no danger now” she replied confidently.

Rather worryingly my Sprit Guide walked straight to the shrubbery where the pool of florescent orange liquid was.

“Is it blood?” I asked feeling rather squeamish.

“No. It is paint.” replied my Guide.

“Paint?”  I replied in a puzzled voice.

My mind was becoming confused.

“My Guardian Angel killed someone for carrying a tin of paint?” I asked confused.

“Not ‘someone’ ” she said.

She made an opening in the shrub to reveal a small grotesque looking creature laying on the ground with a shimmering silver dagger buried deep in it’s forehead.  Laying around the creature was the upturned tin of florescent orange paint and several brushes.

“What on earth is this creature?” I asked.

“A goblin from the evil land of Hack” she said.

“But why would they carry a tin of paint and brushes around with them?”  I asked.  “And why would my Guardian Angel want to protect me from them?”

“You have a lot to learn” she said.  “Come with me”.

The dagger seemed to suddenly disappear out of the goblin’s skull then shortly after the goblin appeared to be picked up and taken away but someone whom I could not see.

“Come with me” my Spirit Guide said as she started walking down the lane.  “Let us visit your neighbor”.

My neighbor’s cottage was just around a bend in the lane but as we approached the bend I could hear the sound of my neighbor and his wife sobbing.

“What has happened?” I asked my Spirit Guide.

“Let us see” she said.

As we came around the bend the air became full of the smell of wet paint.  My neighbors were very proud of their cottage and kept it in perfect condition.  It was a beautiful old cottage with a well kept garden so I assumed they must have been doing some decorating to keep in in it’s usual pristine condition.

As I walked around the bend I felt a squidge beneath my right foot and, looking down, noticed I had stepped in a puddle of bright orange paint similar to the paint the Goblin killed in my garden was carrying.

I looked up about to point this out to my Spirit Guide when I saw the most heartbreaking sight.  My neighbor’s beautiful cottage had been defaced with bright orange graffiti.

Looking around I saw my neighbors sitting on their doorstep, their arms around each other, sobbing.

I ran up to them.

“What happened?”  I asked.

“We left our beautiful cottage for 5 minutes to pop to the village store to buy some milk and when we came back we found this” they said through their tears.

“We sensed something was wrong on the way home.  We could hear screams and whoops and evil laughter but as we came around the bend the Goblins saw us and ran away laughing at us and waving their brushes in victory.”

I remained with my neighbors for the rest of the day helping them clean up their cottage but it took a lot of work.  As night began to fall I walked back to my own home and sat down tired and hungry.

“Still haven’t shaved?” said a cheeky voice behind me.

“We are never alone” you must remember we are she added.

“There are evil forces all around us.  You have met Mike who gave in to his dark side and eagerly devours the gullible.  Now you have encountered the Goblins from Hack.  You must always be on your guard.  I will teach you many ways to protect your dwelling from the Goblins of Hack over the coming months but today’s adventures are enough for today.”

“Night is drawing in.  You are tired and need nourishment.  Have a meal and go to sleep.  Your next lesson can wait until tomorrow“.


Carol Smith
Sep 11, 2011 at 10:24 pm

An exceptionally brilliant way to share IM principles through an interesting site. Goblins from Hack is high on the entertainment level as well as being a definite reminder of how careful we need to be. Can your guardian angel come train mine.

Carol Smith


Ian Douglas Reply:

Hi Carol,

It’s been a while since we were in touch. Thanks for visiting my humble Blog.

There are so many hard-hitting Internet Marketing Blogs around that I felt I wanted to make mine different; a blog which visitors would genuinely enjoy and follow. At the moment these first few posts are just developing the characters and the story-line but in future months I will start introducing technical tips (taught within the fantasy story) to reward my faithful readers.

Unfortunately my Guardian Angel cannot leave my side. She has a sworn eternal duty to protect both myself and The Bottle of Tears. However that is not to say she cannot share thoughts and techniques directly with your own Guardian Angel if they happen to meet in a future episode.

Yes, the evil Goblins from Hack are always around us eager to destroy our dwellings. It is probably just a coincidence (wink) that I am currently writing an eBook “Essential Blog Security” as part of John Thornhill’s MasterClass

Thanks again for visiting my humble Blog.

Best wishes,


Terry Conti
Sep 12, 2011 at 10:47 pm

Hi Ian,

As you know I’ve been pressed and my spirit guide is keeping me together. I do what I must following the wisdom of my spirit guide in all of life (online and off)

It is so easy to just flush the toilet and let everything just go but if I do that my spirit guide will always be poking at me. My spirit guide will never give up and neither will I.

You have a great way of expressing yourself, you have talent in many ways. Your blog is well put together too. You are good at being thech. Most do not have that. I don’t have it like you so I hope your spirit guide lets you realize your power.

Keep on keeping on Ian, hope to hear from you again soon, be well my friend,

Terry Conti


Nigel Yip
Sep 13, 2011 at 11:20 am

Hi Ian

Another fantastic blog post story with IM principles contained within. The way that you have developed the story is most fascinating and you definately have a talent that is much admired. Keep up the great work and hope things are well.

Best wishes


L. V. Pool
Sep 3, 2013 at 8:50 am

Even myself feel that there “others not seen” when I go to certain places. Perhaps we can only see them all when we become spirits ourselves after our demise.




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