The Tears of an Angel

Posted by Ian Douglas on Apr 20, 2011 in My Journey |

The events of yesterday left me mentally and emotionally exhausted and I was enjoying a deep and peaceful sleep when I slowly started to become aware of the sound of a young woman sobbing. The sobbing was very soft and quiet and did not seem to come from any one point in my bedroom but rather from every part of it. It was a sureal experience and I was unable to tell whether it was in my dream or in real life. As I lay there, half awake and half asleep I became aware that, in addition to the young woman sobbing, there seemed to also be the voices of an old man and another young woman. I listened carefully but, although they seemed to be talking in a language which I could not understand, I could tell by the tone of their voices that they were trying to comfort the young woman who was sobbing. Suddenly I felt a small drop of warm water land on my forehead and the instant it touched me my mind filled with emmense sadness, like I was experiencing the deep sorrow of the sobbing woman.

I quickly opened my eyes to try and work out what was going on and was surprised to see The Ancient of Days and my Spirit Guide sitting each side of my bed near my head. They were not however looking at me, nor seemed interested in me at all, but were looking up above me at something I could not see. Suddenly my Sprit Guide realised I was awake, the room became instantly silent, and she reached out her hand gently brushing my eyelids and saying “Sleep well my child” causing me to instantly fall into a deep sleep as if I had experienced something I was not meant to see.

I awoke several hours later as the sun began to rise. I lay in bed pondering what had happened during the night and began to wonder if it was just a dream after all.

I got up and looked out of the window. The sun was starting to rise and a few birds were starting to chirp and sing “good morning” to each other. I opened the window and the delicate scent of flowers covered in dew drifted in through the window.

Bleary eyed I had a wash then started preparing breakfast. As I sat eating my toast I heard the quiet, soft, voices of two young women behind me. Their conversation was short, only a few sentences, but it seemed to be in the language I heard during the night. I quickly turned around to see my Spirit Guide had appeared in the room but could not see anyone else she could have been talking to.

I decided to get straight to the point and before my Spirit Guide had time to speak I asked her directly “What happened last night?”

“People in the physical world are so often unaware of the effect their actions can have on the spiritual world.” She replied.

“We were all so proud of you yesterday but even I overlooked the effect your actions had on your Guardian… It broke her heart!” she added.

“HER heart?” I said surprised as I had, until this point, assumed my Guardian Angel was a male warrior.

“What did I do to break her heart?” I asked unaware that I had done anything wrong.

“You presented her with a heart wrenching paradox… To choose who to protect; yourself or The Bottle of Tears. Her sworn duty was to protect you both. She was prepared to give her life for both of you but your actions forced her to choose between you.” She said before adding “You could learn a lot from the dedication and passion of your Guardian!”

She paused for a moment as if in deep thought then said “I think perhaps we will take a break from your journeys to the mystical lands of FaceBook & Twitter and perhaps talk about your future.”

“Your Guardian will always be with you to protect you but I will only be with you for a short time while you learn your craft. After that you will have to continue your journey to success without me. The pathway to success and financial freedom will not be smooth. You will encounter many problems, distractions and periods of discouragement. You need to learn how to overcome these obstacles so that you can reach your goal.”

“Today I want to talk to you about passion; being passionate in your desire to succeed and choosing a pathway you passionately enjoy.”

“But first you need to tell me WHY you wish to succeed.” She said then paused looking at me intently.

“I want financial freedom for myself and my family” I said

“But more than that; when I began my journey I realised that I am only just a single person living in a world full of people who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in deep financial distress. I want to acquire wealth so that I can be used by God to distribute it to those in need.” I added.

“Do you believe that is why The Ancient of Days gave you the Bottle of Tears; to remind you of the responsibility of your quest?” she asked.

“Yes. Each single one of those tears in this bottle is precious to him. I feel he gave me the Bottle to be a constant reminder of why I am travelling along this pathway.” I said.

“Then you must protect it. Keep it with you and every time you feel discouraged you must take it out of your pocket and look at it as a reminder of why you must persevere.” She said.

“But some of my friends do not have a bottle.” I said.

“Then they must think of why they began their own journey and capture something that reminds them of that.” She said.

“You may think that your success or failure just affects yourself but, as I said, the physical and spiritual world are linked more closely than you realise. It is not by chance that you have been given this particular Guardian Angel. Several years ago she herself was at a crossroads debating her future. Then she saw The Ancient of Days as he visited the earth and collected up the tears of the destitute. She, like yourself, felt the desire to become a Guardian of the Bottle and diligently underwent vigerous training in combat and swordsmanship to earn her place as a Guardian of The Bottle… but although skilled in it’s defence she is unable herself to gain wealth and distribute it to those whose tears it contains. This can only be done by someone living in the physical world. That is why she was overjoyed to be assigned to protect you; because she genuinely believes that you have the desire and talent to master the skills necessary to become successful in the craft of wealth accumulation and that you also have the desire to acquire the wisdom and business skills necessary for it’s correct distribution.”

“Your Guardian is not alone in the Spirit World wishing for your success; the guardians of the destitute whose tears fill your bottle also look forward to the day when you have acquired the wealth and wisdom necessary to free them from their despair. The joy of your Guardian and of so many of us in the Spirit World depend on your dedication and success in the Physical World.”

“We all believe you have the ability to justify our faith in you but you still have so much to learn. The Ancient of Days has trusted you with the Bottle of Tears and last night you were blessed with the anointing tear of an angel… but you must not become complacent. You still have so much to learn.”

“Today I have told you about the first key to success; the importance of being passionate and focused in your desire to achieve success. Over the next few days I will tell you about two more keys to success; the key of setting specific goals to help you achieve your dreams and then the key of taking action… But for today concentrate on diligently studying the importance being passionate in whatever you do.”

“You must remember the road to success is long and you will be faced with many distractions and discouragement along the pathway. Choose to create products your are passionate about and remain passionate about your goal and you will easily overcome the obstacles that attempt to block your success.” she said and then vanished.

As I sat and pondered the importance of passion to my success my mind drifted to the events of last night. My Guardian was faithful and dedicated to her duty to protect me yet I had put her in a position where she had to consider killing me. My heart filled with sorrow and I felt I would like to say sorry to her. I felt I would like to say it to her face but I could not see her. Over the past few days I have slowly started to become aware of her presence and I have got the feeling she is normally standing directly behind me, often slightly to my left, but when danger is near she seems to move to stand beside me on my right hand side, or in front of me. The only time I can be sure where she is is when I am laying in my bed when, in the early light of dawn, I can sometimes make out the faint outline of her standing at the head of my bed with her wings outstretched over me. In the desire to say sorry to her to her face the only thing I could think of doing was therefore to lay on my bed.

I laid down on my bed and looked straight up. I could feel my Guardian move to her position at the top of my bed but looking up all I could see was the ceiling.

“I am so sorry for what I put you through yesterday.” I said.

Suddenly I noticed a feather float down and land on my cheek. I looked at it. It was about the length of my finger. The main part of the feather was strong and springy, yet the bottom quarter was soft fluffy underlay. What a beautiful reminder of my Guardian I thought; containing mighty strength but with a soft, vulnerability.

“Thank you” I said.

I gave the feather a gentle kiss and tenderly placed it under the pillow beside the Bottle of Tears.

“I wonder what adventures tomorrow will bring?” I thought as I drifted off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

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Apr 24, 2011 at 12:21 pm

Hi Ian,

I wonder how many will read this and take on board the marketing lessons?, and how many will be fascinated by the way you wrote about Guardians and Angels?…

or how many more will have their own belief systems and think you have crossed a line in expressing something that doesn’t fit with their own beliefs?

I guess we’ll never know on the latter – as they probably wont comment?

either way – another well written piece 🙂

RandySmith@InternetMarketingRambles recently posted..Do you have a Facebook Like Page Free Button Creator!


Ian Douglas Reply:

Hi Randy,

Thanks for visiting my Blog and for your kind comments.

The idea of angels and humans falling in love with each other is nothing new. It actually occurs in many ancient traditions / religions so I cannot see any problems with that.

Regarding my idea of mixing in Internet Marketing ideas within the framework of a fairy story… why not? I am fed up with some blogs full of posts which are more like “Hit them hard, grab your readers around the neck, turn them upside down and violently shake them till your wallet falls out” sales pages.

Each of us seeking success must analyze our own reason for wanting financial freedom and them pursue success with passion and zeal. If someone is passionate about cooking and creating the perfect chocolate sponge cake then it seems (to me) pointless trying to create a product about Search Engine Optimization as the chance of maintaining interest in the subject long enough to create a salable product is almost zero (even although, if correctly written and finished, it would bring in more money).

Let’s all do what you, yourself, often say and live life with a passion. As you said; passion gives life meaning and keeps things a joy rather than becoming a chore. Our journey to success should be filled with passion and be an inspiration both to ourselves and others… not become a boring, depressing, chore trying to create a product about something we have no interest in.

Thanks for visiting my blog,



Nigel Yip
Apr 26, 2011 at 11:10 pm

Hi Ian,

Another fantastic post with lots of great marketing advice subtley blended and contained within the story. I think the point about having passion in what your create and decide to market is essential and also agree to a certain extent that there is no point creating something that you are not passionate or proud of. I look forward to your next post and your journey to success.

Best wishes with your business and promotions
Nigel Yip recently posted..Time to put the pressure on!


Barry Wells
May 1, 2011 at 6:45 pm

Hi Ian, I had to read it couple of times to start with until the penny dropped…

Very clever way of getting the marketing minset spliced with a story. It grabs the reader and makes them want to keep reading.

Very good Ian
Catch up again soon,
Barry Wells recently posted..Journey to Success Part 1- Passionate Focused Thinking


Terry Conti
May 4, 2011 at 6:03 am

Hi Ian,

Well written with a great meaning to help others and use your passion to work and earn to provide for family and give back.

Some marketers are only in it for the money and could not care if you got something out of the product or not. They just want the money.

They will tell you you can get a Ferrari tomorrow and be a huge success if you only buy this product now.

So glad to know where you’re coming from. Keep up the good work and let your spirit guide set you free.

Terry Conti
Terry Conti recently posted..The Fuel to Reach your Goals


May 14, 2011 at 7:45 pm

Wow! What a wonderful piece of writing! You have a real gift! It was beautifully written and being able to weave in the internet marketing lessons has me inspired. We need to be passionate about what we are doing, otherwise we lose sight of our goals and we become frustrated and want to give up.


May 18, 2011 at 10:34 am

Hi Ian,

A fascinating story and one that I’m sure most can identify with in parts if not completely. Lessons to be learned…

Enjoy the journey.

mandy@LearnToBlog recently posted..Passionate Focused Thinking




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