Chickens Still Locked In Their Coop And Hungry Song Birds

Posted by Ian Douglas on Nov 6, 2011 in My Journey

I slept soundly after all the hard work of cleaning up my neighbour’s cottage after their visit from the evil Goblins of Hack.  However, as sun arose, two young doves landed on the window ledge beside my bed and their cooing, although soft and affectionate, slowly woke me up.  I was feeling a little hungry so, after several yawns, got out of bed and had a wash and shave then looked around the kitchen for something to eat.  I went to the cupboard to get some cereal and found a note attached:

“Gone to see the Wizard; will be back this evening”


We are not alone

Posted by Ian Douglas on Sep 11, 2011 in Blog Security, My Journey

Although waking up depressed and discouraged I was feeling a lot happier after the encouragement of my Spirit Guide earlier this morning.  I went over to the window to have my morning wash but as I approached the window I heard the faint swish of steel against leather as I sensed my Guardian Angel had drawn her sword out of it’s sheath ready for combat.

“That is strange” I thought to myself as I quickly ducked and frantically looked around my room but could see nothing unusual.


Why You Should Never Give Up

Posted by Ian Douglas on Sep 8, 2011 in My Journey

Yesterday had been an emotional day leaving me tired and drained so I had no problems drifting into a deep sleep last night.  But as I woke this morning I felt tired and depressed.  I could see no point in continuing with my Internet Marketing journey.  I felt I had let everyone down.  There was no way I could ever succeed.  I felt I had fallen down a deep dark hole and did not have the strength to climb out.  I simply couldn’t be bothered to get up.  There was no point.  I was a failure and will never succeed.  I lay in bed and pulled the covers over my head in the hope that my Spirit Guide would not see me when she called round this morning.


Journey To Success Masterclass Blog Carnival

Posted by Ian Douglas on May 2, 2011 in Blog Carnivals, John Thornhills MasterClass

The “Journey To Success” Masterclass Blog Carnival is now live!  Pop along to http://thejohnthornhillfanclub.com/journey-to-success-masterclass-blog-carnival/ for more info and a list of the participants.  The subject of the May Carnival is “Passionate Focused Thinking” so you should be able to pick up loads of useful tips to keep yourself on track along your journey to success.


The Tears of an Angel

Posted by Ian Douglas on Apr 20, 2011 in My Journey

The events of yesterday left me mentally and emotionally exhausted and I was enjoying a deep and peaceful sleep when I slowly started to become aware of the sound of a young woman sobbing. The sobbing was very soft and quiet and did not seem to come from any one point in my bedroom but rather from every part of it. It was a sureal experience and I was unable to tell whether it was in my dream or in real life. As I lay there, half awake and half asleep I became aware that, in addition to the young woman sobbing, there seemed to also be the voices of an old man and another young woman. I listened carefully but, although they seemed to be talking in a language which I could not understand, I could tell by the tone of their voices that they were trying to comfort the young woman who was sobbing. Suddenly I felt a small drop of warm water land on my forehead and the instant it touched me my mind filled with emmense sadness, like I was experiencing the deep sorrow of the sobbing woman.


The Dark Side Of Internet Marketing

Posted by Ian Douglas on Feb 21, 2011 in My Journey

As dawn broke I awoke from a deep and peaceful sleep but, after having a good stretch, remained laying in bed as the events of yesterday started to run again through my head. I looked around the room. Although the sun was starting to rise it was still fairly dark and I could just about see the faint outline of my Guardian’s wings spread above me.


Spiritual Beings enter my life

Posted by Ian Douglas on Dec 27, 2010 in Forward To Marketing, My Journey
After the revelation that I had been living in a dream world had time to sink in I had a peaceful nights sleep then, as the sunrise from a new day began to stream in through the window, I slowly began to wake.
I felt enlightened as if this new dawn was marking a new era in my life.
I opened my eyes and looked around my room.  Everything looked normal but it felt like there was someone else present.  I looked around again and still could not see anyone but the feeling remained.  It was not a feeling of fear but one of comfort.
I sat up in bed ready to get out and start getting dressed then suddenly felt the soft touch of a hand on my shoulder.  I looked round to see what appeared to be a young woman sitting on the edge of my bed beside me.
I was startled at seeing her.
“Don’t be afraid” she said in a soft voice. “I am your Spirit Guide.  We have been watching with interest how you were, at first, unable to start your journey, until the heavenly trio stepped in and provided you with the money you needed to start your quest.  They have provided you with money to enable you to start your journey and cover a few more months travel along your pathway but my mission, through dreams and visions, is to reveal to you the knowledge you need to help you make your journey pay for itself and to then go on to bring in the income you need to accomplish your ultimate mission in life.”
“I will start by revealing to you the three mystic Kingdoms of FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube and show you the steps you must take to become a citizen of these far-off lands.  You must then pack your bags and travel to these Kingdoms yourself and apply for citizenship exactly as I reveal to you…”.
As I sat on the bed my Spirit Guide began to show me visions of what I needed to do.  The visions were clear and detailed and as my Spirit Guide talked me step-by-step through the process I started to appreciate her devotion to her task.  I quickly glanced sideways at her as she was speaking.  She was young and small in stature but, listening to her talk with her accent from a far off northern land, I got the impression that she was experienced in life and spoke her mind and would not hesitate to correct me if I deviated from the instructions she gave to me.  Yet she spoke with kindness in her voice as a mother speaking to her son telling him about the outside world preparing him for the day when he will grow up and leave the safety and innocence of the family home and need to fend for himself.
After my Spirit Guide had finished teaching me about the citizenship of the far off mystical land of FaceBook I got dressed, packed my trusty laptop and some food into my rucksack and set foot out of the door determined to reach the mystical land of FaceBook before dusk.  My Spirit Guide had given me clear instructions on what I needed to do so I set off at a good pace.  I was, I guess about half-way there when I passed a meadow.  At the bottom of the meadow was a bubbling stream and the grass looked soft and inviting.  The sun was warm so I thought it would be a good place to stop and have my lunch.  After eating my sandwiches I lay on the grass looking up at the sky.  Life seemed good.  There was the gently bubbling of the brook in the background and the gentle humming of bees as they made their way from flower to flower whose soft fragrance drifted through the warm air.  As I lay looking up at the clouds in the peace and tranquility of the meadow I started to realize how small and insignificant I was; just one person among the billions of inhabitants of this planet.
My thoughts were however disrupted by the quiet sound of a young woman sobbing which gradually became louder and louder and more distressed.  It was not the gentle weeping of someone saddened by watching an emotional movie or tear jerking novel but the heart wrenching wailing of a heart in deep distress.  This was soon joined by the sound of a man crying, again not a gentle sob but real heart wrenching tears of distress.  Soon this was joined by what seemed like dozens of other people all crying in utter desperation.  The volume of the crying soon became unbearable and I started looking around to see where it was coming from.
The meadow was empty when I arrived but a sitting a short distance behind me was an old man who appeared to be pouring some water from a large urn into a small bottle.  He looked up and, noticing I was watching him, put down the urn and sealed the small bottle with a cork.  At once the crying stopped.
I looked at the man more closely.  He looked of great age.  Behind him, and on each side, stood what appeared to be angels.  They we dressed in shimmering white but were equipped with weapons of defense with swords drawn as if to protect the old man.
There was silence for a moment before the old man began speaking.
“I hear that you have been given a Spirit Guide to reveal to you the pathway to wealth.”  He said.
“She will show you how to acquire wealth but with such wealth comes responsibility”
“I watch everyone who sets out along this pathway”
“I know everyone I see will achieve their dream.  Each one will acquire wealth.”
“Some will be happy to use their wealth for their own enjoyment.  They feel they have earned it and so should enjoy all that it brings.”
“But occasionally I see someone who begins to understand that there is more pleasure in giving than receiving.  To them I offer this choice…”
One of the angels by the old man’s side picked up the small bottle and placed it on the ground in front of me, then stepped back a few paces but keeping his sword drawn as if protecting the tiny bottle.
“In front of you is a bottle of tears. Each tear has been collected by me and is very precious to me: The desperate tears of Pauline, the wife of a soldier killed in battle while she was six months pregnant, who gave birth to their son, a precious reminder of her beloved husband, but which has now developed leukemia and needs specialist treatment she cannot afford. The tears of hopelessness of Edward, the husband of a disabled wife, who has been saving to pay for the journey to another country for the life saving operation for his daughter with a brain tumor but who’s employer has just been taken over by another company and has been told he is now redundant. The cries of desperation from an entire village in a far off land who have gone through several months of draught and the water table has now dropped below the depth of their village well and desperately need specialist equipment to drill deeper and to modernize their life giving supply of water.”
“Will you take this bottle of tears, carry it with you on your journey to wealth, and realize you are just a temporary custodian of all that you receive?”
“In return for looking after this bottle of tears I will give you this Guardian Angel to protect you along the pathway and I will teach you wisdom on how to distribute a portion of all you earn so that through you I can touch the hearts of thousands and dry away their tears”.
The old man stopped speaking and looked at me expectantly.
I looked at the small bottle in front of me. It seemed so tiny and insignificant yet I realized it contained the desperate pleas of so many of my fellow citizens of this planet.
I reached out and picked up the bottle and as I put it in my chest pocket close to my heart the Guardian stepped forward. I though he was going to attack me but instead he quietly stood by my side sword still drawn and wings outsretched above me as if now protecting both myself and the bottle. I looked up to see the Old Man but he was no longer there and as I turned to where the Guardian was standing he had disapeared as well; yet I could still feel his reasuring presence beside me.
Looking at my watch I saw it was nearly 3pm and panic began to set in.  I had promised my Spirit Guide that I would become a citizen of the mystical land of FaceBook by nightfall and I was only halfway there!  I quickly picked up my rucksack, made sure the bottle of tears was still close to my heart and set off back along the road.
I found my way to the mystical land called FaceBook just as my Spirit Guide has said.  As I entered it gates I went to the place where I had to enroll for citizenship.  I was faced with many questions asking details of my name, where I lived, my address in cyberspace and then had to read a weird combination of letters and numbers before eventually being granted citizenship.
As soon as my citizenship had been granted I suddenly started receiving messages from old friends from my past whom I had not had contact with in years who, I discovered, had also previously become citizens and were waiting to welcome me.  Not only they but people who I had long forgotten about but with whom I had attended school also began filling my inbox with messages requesting to be friends and wanting me to look after their chickens and crops for a couple of days while they went on holiday.  Time seemed to pass so quickly and before I realized dusk had begun to fall.  I therefore quickly said my farewells and began my journey back home.
After a short while travelling along the road I heard footsteps behind me and a voice asked if I would mind if he walked with me as we both appeared to be travelling back in the same direction.  My fellow traveler introduced himself as Nigel.  He seemed humble in both his manner and speech but I recognized him as an experienced traveler who was held in high regard by many gurus yet someone whom many newbies have praised for his helpfulness and friendliness.
“I see you have become a citizen of the land of FaceBook” he said.
“Yes” I replied.
“Do you think it would help others wishing to follow in your footsteps if you kept a chronicle of your journey and what you do?” he asked.
“I have started a Blog” I said with pride.
“Yes; I have seen it… but it contains only a small handful of infrequent posts and nothing of interest to make me want to return to it again.” He rebuked me.
“I see that you have accepted the bottle of tears” he said pointing to the neck of the bottle peering out from my jacket pocket.
“Tell me how you will keep their portion of your wealth safe”.  He asked.
“I have not thought about that yet” I replied.
“And how you will organize your business to ensure our government receives their full payment of taxes due, and keep within our just laws, while, at the same time, protecting yourself from those wanting to destroy your business?”
Again I could only reply that these basic points were things I had not considered.
“So, as we travel home together, let me share some thoughts to help you better understand all the options open to you.”  And true to his word this kindly traveler began at the beginning teaching me the basics of how to protect the wealth I will be entrusted with.
As we approached my home I thanked Nigel for all his help and advice and asked if he would like to come in and dine with me but night was drawing in and he had his own abode to return to so thanked me for my company along the journey and continued down a winding track to his home by the river.
I opened my door feeling tired and hungry.  I had quick snack then placed the bottle of tears under my pillow and lay down for sleep in my bed.  In the darkness of the night I could see the faint outline of the Guardian standing at the head of my bed sword still drawn to protect and and his wings outstretched like a canopy above my bed.  I wondered about him.  Unlike the other spirit creatures I had encountered today he had never spoken a word yet he remained steadfast and devoted in duty to protecting both myself and the bottle.  As I lay looking up at his faint outline trying to remember what he looked like in all his radiant glory in the meadow earlier that day I noticed he appeared to nod and fold back his wings.  I then suddenly felt another presence in the room as my Sprit Guide appeared and sat on the edge of my bed.
“I am proud of you” she said.  “You have become a citizen of the land of FaceBook as I asked.  As you grow in skill and experience I will reveal to you secret ways to get from here to there without having to travel along the long and dangerous road.  But for now you must rest and sleep for tomorrow you must travel to the mystical land of Twitter and also obtain citizenship there.”
“Sleep well my child” she said as she touched me gently on the forehead and my eyes closed as I drifted off into a deep and peaceful sleep.
I wonder what adventures tomorrow will bring?


You take the red pill – you stay in wonderland

Posted by Ian Douglas on Nov 19, 2010 in About Me, Forward To Marketing

I am sitting here confused and bewildered with my head spinning as I realise the world I once believed in is just an illusion.

Just a short time ago I was living in innocence.  Every day my inbox was bombarded with over 100 emails telling me the way to become a millionaire was simply to buy a $7 eBook and just relax and breathe in and out each night as my PayPal account filled effortlessly with an avalanche of cash.  They assured me I didn’t even need to get out of my pyjamas each day; just sit back and relax and the unstoppable flood of money would magically appear in my account.  All I needed to do was buy their eBook to be rich forever with absolutely no effort required from me.


Is ClickBank Stealing Your Earned Commission

Posted by Ian Douglas on Aug 19, 2010 in Clickbank
I had the shock of my life this morning.  I only make the occasional sale of ClickBank products but when I logged in this morning I discovered ClickBank had started charging me a $5 “Dormant Account” Fee per twice a month!
ClickBank is perfectly entitled to do this because, if you look closely, it is stated in their Terms & Conditions… but it was something I was unaware of.
To learn more I suggest you download the free short eBook by Harvey Segal.  The eBook is completely free and NO SIGNUP IS REQUIRED.  This eBook really opened my eyes!  To downlownload it goto www.ian-douglas.com/clickbank-guide


Bloggers Anonymous

Posted by Ian Douglas on Aug 11, 2010 in About Me
Is it fair?  Here I am in Rehab trying to recover from my addiction to computers (see my last post) and someone goes and starts a 100 Comment Challenge!  It is like offering a recovering alcoholic a double brandy!  Do you guys want me attending Bloggers Anonymous as well?!
Look, it is not my fault!  The family rumor is that the doctor dropped me onto a computer keyboard seconds after I was born.  It’s not my fault I am an internet junkie… my fate was sealed at my birth!  The fact that my house contains more computers than humans is pure coincidence.  OK, yes, if our internet connection goes down for more than five minutes you may find me sitting in front of my computer absolutely terrified stiff starting at the screen like a zombie repeatedly clicking on the “connect” button every five seconds… but that is normal isn’t it?  If the connection is still gone after another 5 minutes my breathing becomes so fast and shallow I have to lay on the floor in a cold sweat with the curtains drawn otherwise I will collapse unconscious… but that is expected of everyone isn’t it?  Yes, I know my latest laptop cost more than my car; but cars are so cheap these days I don’t see anything wrong with that?  So what if all my computers have names, I talk to them as I type and I give my laptop a cuddle every morning when I first see it?  OK, so what if I can remember the date I brought each of my computers but forget my wife’s birthday… it is not my fault that I have a bad memory!!!  Who cares that when I go into town I always take my cell phone with me and plan the route of my journey so I am always within 100 yards of WiFi Access points?  OK, OK, so I almost pass out in excitement if I discover a brand new blog I haven’t posted a comment on yet, but so would any other healthy man!  And yes, I suppose I may get a little moody and sink into depression if, after a whole day, no one has posted a new comment on my own blog… but surely everyone feels unloved and neglected at times!  Yes, my Address Book contains all my friends and families details arranged alphabetically according to their website URLs… but that is normal isn’t it?  And, yes, I DO share in the housework and help maintain our house… after all I clean all my computer screens don’t I?
Look; I am NOT a computer addict!  Just to prove it I went a whole 6.2374 minutes between checking emails this morning which is far in excess of my normal 5 minutes!  I can give up computers anytime I want!


Confessions Of A Computer Addict

Posted by Ian Douglas on Aug 9, 2010 in About Me

Imagine the scene:

I wake up in the morning feeling absolutely tired out.  I try and roll over but the damp, sweaty sheets stick to my skin.  I slowly struggle out of bed and wobble my way to the bathroom where I open my tired bloodshot eyes and look in the mirror.  “Yuk!” I say when my eyes start working and I see myself, my wet, sweat soaked hair stuck to my face. “I am not addicted to computers!” I say to myself in a half-believing voice trying desperately to convince myself that it is true.


Installation And Configuration of $7 Secrets Scripts

Posted by Ian Douglas on Aug 8, 2010 in Made Simple Guides

I have just published my latest book Installation and Configuration of $7 Secrets Scripts.  Many people are looking for affordable affiliate management software to allow them to reward affiliates for selling their products and have noticed that many top Internet Marketers use the $7 Secrets Script from Don Morris.  Priced at only $7 this software seems a real bargain… but, unfortunately, they often find it difficult and confusing to install and configure.  I feel everyone selling products should have affiliate software installed on their website so created my step-by-step, illustrated, Guide so show people, through a series of screenshots, how they can get their $7 Secrets Scripts up and running.

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